Biennial Imam Ali's International Prize


 Biennial Imam Ali's International Prize
Biennial Imam Ali's International Prize tends to identify and introduce top scholars and researchers in the field of Imam Ali Research from all over the world. This prize is dedicated through a congress with the same name every two years to these researchers at the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies in Iran, Tehran. The fundamental approach of this congress is providing the necessary background for introducing scientific personality and cultural activities of Imam Ali at the national and international level.
Objectives and Policies of the Congress
 • Identifying and introducing Researchers in Imam Ali's Research field
• Appreciating Imam Ali's Researchers and top Scholars
• Providing appropriate and effective grounds for scientific and cultural cooperation between research centers related to Imam Ali (AS) inside and outside of the country
   2019/12/1 11:11

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5.5/10 (Number of Voters 10 Person )