Congress and Confrences

National & International Congress and conventions
In order to promote culture of research and to reinforce leanings of  survey in dimensions of beliefs  and personality of the faithful Amir Almomnin (as) regional, national; and international calls  are held by the center. The following is a brief reference to some of them:
  • Imam Ali (as) International Congress and Justice , Unity and Safety on 2000
  •   Call  regard to Straight path article in national level on 2007
  • Al Ghadir Congress in International level on 2013
  • to hold Imam Ali (as) , Scholars (1 and 2)cinference on 2012 and 2014
In this ceremony some of Imam Ali (as) Distinguished Scholar are  celebrated
  •   to hold international conference of Alavi’s Government with cooperation of Qom Mofid University on 2015
  • The Fourth International Festival Of Imam Ali Researchers 2016
  • The Fifth International Festival of Imam Ali Scholarships 6 September 2017 
  • The 4th National Congress of the Covenant of Allawi

    March 6, 2018

  • Third international congress of "Research on Imam Ali (AS)" 5Nov 2019

   2017/2/8 15:21

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