Extended Registraion Deadline Call for papers topics:Third international congress of 'Research on Imam Ali(A.S)

Third international congress of "Research on Imam Ali (AS)"
The Concept of Peace in the Thought and Action of Imam Ali (AS): Revisiting the discourse with a Global Approach, Today's Challenges and Plans for the future

The international congress of "Research on Imam Ali " aims to recognize and introduce the prominent thinkers and scholars in the field of Imam Ali research and appreciate them at the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies. The winners will be awarded the "World Prize of Imam Ali ". The main approach of this congress is to provide the necessary grounds for expanding the scientific, research and cultural activities about Imam Ali at the international level.

Goals and policies of the congress:
•  Recognition and introducing researchers in the field of scientific, and cultural research about Imam Ali
•  Honoring the distinguished position of scholars, thinkers and researchers in the field of research on
Imam Ali
• Providing suitable and useful grounds for scientific and cultural cooperation between research centers related to Imam Ali inside and outside of the country
The 3rd International Congress of Research on Imam Ali Call for Papers
Topics of Interest
According to the motto of the third congress of Imam Ali:
"The concept of peace in Imam Ali's  thought and actions; Revisiting the Discourse with a Global Approach; Today's challenges and plans for the future"
We expect esteemed researchers, when writing their article, to carefully observe the scientific research methodology and use the existing literature and texts based on the scientific topics of the congress. These literary texts can be the works of the old and contemporary scholars, orientalogists and other researchers to propose and provide solutions that would enable the congress to be effective in providing efficient and practical solutions in the future.

  Research and analysis of the following areas in the field of thought and actions of Imam Ali: 

1. Theoretical Foundations of Peace 

- The importance of human rights and dignity - The importance of peace and inclination to peace  -Rationality in the concept of peace  - Theology of Peace (ontology, epistemology and methodology)  Protecting the rights of religious minorities - Semantics of Peace 

2. Characteristics of the Peace  - The nature of Peace orientation  
- Factors and obstacles to Peace  
3.The relationship between  Peace and value concepts 

- Peace and justice
- Peace and morality  
-Peace and human rights  
-Peace and religiousness 
4. Relations between war and peace
- The effects of peace 
-The relationship and the scope of war and peace in religious perspectives
-Investigating and analyzing the wars during Imam Ali's governance period 

5. Comparative study of the concept of Peace among Religions and Schools of thought 
-Comparative study of  the viewpoints of Imam Ali  and experts from other religions and schools   
-Comparing the views of Islam with other monotheistic and non-monotheistic religions on the concept of peace 

How to register: 
Participants can  register electronically in the website of the congress www.imamali.ac.ir by the 22st of Aghust, 2019. 
Date of congress and awarding prizes:Novamber, 2019 
Address:  Kordestan Highway, Ayineh vand street (64th street) , Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, Imam Ali Research Center, Secretariat of the Imam Ali Congress 
Email: imamali.ir@gmail .com 
Tel: 00982188624470

   2019/7/21 11:33

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