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Imam Ali (as)  professional Library

The Imam Ali (as)  professional Library  with more than 6500  books in 2300 subjects related to Imam Ali (as) topics has started its activities since 2005 and users can use books based on the library’s regulations. Books existed in this library are in Arabic, English, Urdu, Russian, Chines, French, Japanies and …
references, infrequent books, audio and visual CDs are kept as  part of the library

 Representation of International congress of Imam Ali and justice and unity and also security (in 4 volume of Persian and Arabic languages)
 Imam Ali`s expressions on ( Lesan Ol Qeyb ) (Jafar Baha Ol Din )
  Prophecy in  Nahjilbalaqe(Ahmad Rasem Alnafis ).
  Imam Ali at Sunni`s resources(Mahdi Mojtahedi ) .
 Rhetoric of Nahjolbalaqe (Jalil Tjlil)
 History movement from Imam Ali`s point of view (Mohammad Mahdi Shams-ol-din)
 In front of sun – Nahjolbalaqe  in Persian literature(Ali Reza Mirza Mohammad ).
 Ali: The Pioneer Enlightener (Seyyed Hamid Tebyan: translation)
 Imam Ali (Ali Abolkheir )
 The position of women in Imam Ali's Epoch ( Maryam Saeedian Darjazi )
 Fortunes of Imam Ali ( Mohaamd Shoshtari: translated by Gheis-al- Gheis)
  The collection of rhetoric ( Asad Ebn Abdolghahershafroye Al Esfahani, Seyed
Sadeq Al Hosseini Alashkoori )
 The virtues of ALAVI in Persian poetry (Abolqasem Radfar )
 (he virtues of ALAVI in Persian poetry (Abolqasem Radfar
 Looking for Ali`s books (Seyyed Ali Sajaddi )
 Praise and Thanks ( Akbar Pars )
 Ali on the contemporary Christian thoughts   (In process of translation)
 The history of Najaf (In process of translation )
Our understanding about Ali (In process of translation )
 On the footstep of Ali (In process of translation )
 Certificate III (In process of  translation)
Rhetoric method( Collector: Abolghasem Payande-/ research and translating :  Jafar Delshad, Vahid Dastjerdi , Nasrollah Shamli )
   2017/2/8 14:44

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