Research Projects

Research Plans
According to current condition and requirements of different social categories, managerial plan will be examined after announcing among domestic and international scientist and researchers in order to identifying aspects and teachings of Imam Ali at the scientific council of this institute.
  • List of some accomplished plan are as follow:
Studying and examination of effects of  psychological views of Imam Ali
 Tribalism in  Nahj-o- Albalaqe
 Political reforms of Imam Ali
 bibliography of Imam Ali from Sunni`s point of view
 Examination of woman`s status during caliphate of Imam Ali
 Explained, description and analysis of teaching and personality of Imam Ali
 Obeying human rights and rights of opponents of Imam Ali
 The relationship between Imam Ali and Jews of Hijaz  .
Imam Ali and people of Kufe
 Aspect and personality of Imam Ali

  supervisory forces in Imam Ali`s domination
The methods of drawing personality, life style and thoughts of Imam Ali in School courses.
   2017/2/8 15:11

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