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Professional  and Scientific Meetings  and Workshops
Several scientific conferences were held through presence of speakers, professors related to discussing knowledge among researchers in all different fields  :
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Row  Name of Speaker Title of lecture
1 Mohammad Ali Azarshab Civilizing conversation  of Imam Ali
2 Mostafa Delshad Tehrani Bio- Muslim Patterns based on Nahjolbalaqe
3 Hojjat al- Eslam Mahdavi Rad Writings of Imam Ali
4 Kamiyar Sedaghat Samar Hosseini University activities against Shiites in west and necessity of understanding in operating Imam Ali`s expectations
5 Mohammad Armand The method of introducing Imam Ali to young people 
6 Hojjat al- Eslam Seyyed Sajjad Alam al hoda Discourses around political schools of Imam Ali
7 Ahmad Rahdar Possession interactions of Imam Ali with the current political tools 
8 Ali Asghar Poor Ezzat Logical Basis of right –oriented justice in Imam Ali`s expressions
9 Mohammad Ali Fath allahi Province of Allavi region and democracy
10 Mohammad Hassan Masoomi Meaningful creation in Nahjolbalaqe
11 Mahdi Mojtahedi Feud with Imam of Muslims during the history relying on identification of the concept of NASEBI in Chemical fields
12 Hojjat al- Eslam Saeed Shah Abadi Examination and analysis of effects of Imam Ali1s teachings on SAMI religions
13 Jahanbakhsh Savagheb Examination of the status of Quran followers in the Ali`s domination
14 Hamidreza Ayyatollahi Imam Ali and Domination challenges with Ethical and pietism
15 Siavash Bahrami Political Training from Imam Ali point of view
16 Mohammad Nasl Prevention of criminal in Imam Ali1s teachings  by relying on Nahjolbalaqe
17 Maryam Sane poor Justice and rationality in Ali`s teachings
18 Faraj Allah Qanbari The basis of Alavi Government
Row Name of speaker Title of Lecture
1 Alireza Rahimi Theorizing based on authoritative texts by relying on Nahjolbalaqe
2 Ali Asghar poor Ezzat Obeying ethical considerations existing on financial methods of domains by Nahjolbalaqe
3 Nayyere Dalir Qadir historiography in resources on seventh till ninth century
4 Hojjat al- Eslam Dvoud MAhdavi Zadegan Qadir basis of unity, through beliefs of Imam Khomeini
5 Eftekhar Hossein Aref Imam Ali in Eqbals`s poetries
6 Mahmoud Joneidi Jafari Management from Imam Ali`s point of view
7 Seyyed Farid alattas Ahle- Beit, Nabavi`s heritage in thoughts of Muslim scientists
8 Hojjat al- Eslam Ahmad Ali Yousefi Economical system from Imam Ali`s point of view
9 Per-meetings of international conference of Alavi government Islamic Civilization from Imam Ali`s point of view
Dr. Mohammad Ali Mashayekhi
January 23 and 29,2018
Impressions of the soul in the Holy Qur'an and its reflection in the viewpoint of Imam Ali
11 Dr. Abdol Rahman Hasanifar Subject: Elite,s Nonsense on Social Issues from Imam Ali's Point of View with emphasis on scientific elites
Ali Azizi
June, 12/2018
Repetition of  Two Sermons by the Imam Ali(pbuh) Imam Ali(as). Literary Science and Techniques .
   2017/2/8 15:16

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